Beer goggles.

Earlier this week I was accepting a shipment for my place of employment. The FedEx guy drops something here almost daily and he and I are on first name terms at this point. So as I was saying, earlier this week he was drinking off some supplies for us and there was a group of drunk guys chilling a bit from the door. The one that appeared to be the most intoxicated decided that the driver was at the wrong place. “Hey, you idiot! You’re at the wrong place.”, He bellowed, “You’re delivering those boxes to the wrong store you fucking idiot. Look at her, she’s not even Asian.” I figured that he thought the delivery was supposed to go to the Chinese restaurant next door. The thing that caught me though was that this drunk guy, as obnoxious and rude as he was, gendered me correctly. I wanted to be mad at him for berating my favorite delivery driver but I couldn’t. I had just received one of the best compliments I’d heard in a while. I apologized to the driver and off he went. But thank you, drunk guy… Go fuck yourself for yelling at my delivery guy, but thank you for seeing me as me.

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