The scariest amusement park ride ever.

Mid June we went to Florida and I experienced Disney World for the first time ever. We had time between our lightning pass schedules so we decided that the wait for It’s a Small World wasn’t too bad.

The wait really wasn’t bad. The ride on the other hand…

I don’t believe I’ve ever come so close to having a panic attack in my life. That ride was creepy as fuck. I can’t exactly put my finger on it, I mean the first few turns aren’t that bad. The animatronics from the ’70s were neat at first but then the repetitive song and creepy dolls everywhere started getting to me.

I’ve ridden amusement park rides before. After the first few minutes I figured it was close to the end. What I didn’t know was I’d be stuck on that boat for fourteen minutes.

Near the end of the ride I was almost in tears because I was starting to freak out. I’ve never freaked out like that. I don’t flinch at the most haunted of haunted houses. But It’s a Small World is definitely hell on earth.

If I ever find myself in the magic kingdom again I will totally give the ride a second try, but I probably won’t be sober for it.

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