I forgot to add a title before publishing it. This should be fine.

Keeping on with the “at least one sentence a day” thing I’m writing this. I guess I could talk about my day. I woke up and made breakfast for the wife and myself. I had a quick nap. I wanted to go to a local used videogame store, which was amazing. I had a quick stream and then ended up napping again whilst lurking in some friends channels. After my second nap of the day I had my wife order some pizza. After a quick bite I went back to twitch and lurked while I assembled some Lego. So the set is built and I’m now writing this post.

The thing about today and the better part of the last few months is, I’ve had no desire to do anything. None of the hobbies or things that I enjoy doing brought me any happiness. Depression is a bitch. I have a doctor’s appointment later this month, hopefully I can start seeing a therapist again.

Maybe I’ll just take another nap.

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