Good hair day?

Yesterday I had a rough evening. I was doing a lot of lifting at work. Moving basically fifty boxes from a freezer to be quality checked and then moving them back into the freezer. I was also trying to squeeze my regular lab duties in when I had a spare moment.

It was about 8pm when I left work last night. I grabbed some fast food and forced myself to go to sleep because I was scheduled for the 4:30am shipping shift.

I woke up at 3am and skipped my shower because I didn’t want to be late. I get back to work and had to move the boxes from yesterday from the freezer to the shipment loading area. Our freezers are kept at a brisk -40° but with all the movements I still sweat.

The truck is being loaded, so I make a quick caffeine run. No line at the coffee place, my day is looking up.

When I get back to the lab the trucker is finishing manifest paperwork. He looks at me and says “hey I really like your hair.” Odd, but I’ll take the compliment. My hair is nasty, two days worth of sweat and tangles because I also forgot to brush it this morning.

As I’m heading toward the break room one of my coworkers says “hey I really like your hair.” Whoa, deja vu.

My thing is, on days when I put in the time and effort to look good I get nothing, but today I’m in grind mode looking like a homeless person and I get the compliments. Maybe I should be more lazy?

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