Mental Health

I can feel myself slipping. Those cold intrusive thoughts keep creeping back in. I’m doing better now than I have in the past but I don’t know how long I can stay strong. I need help.

I feel so alone. Isolated. I navigate my day well enough but I’m just going through the motions. Nothing really has any meaning.

I hate wearing this mask. Putting on the happy face is so tiresome.

I spend a lot of time crying. Most of my friends/family/coworkers don’t seem to know about it. Why am I sad? I don’t know.

Some days it seems like it would be so easy to give up. Why am I fighting so hard? I can just give up and then hopefully the sadness and pain will go away.

I guess I know why I’m fighting so hard. I know there are others who are fighting their own demons just as hard as I am and I guarantee that if I do give up it will probably be the catalyst for them giving up.

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