Work time fun.

I do simple lab work for a company that produces precursors for the production of biomedicine. That makes it sound way cooler than it actually is.

The product we produce is sold to places to make medicine. It’s not glamorous but I am a small part in saving lives.

Every single unit we produce must be tested for safety. My job is basically to remove an account of the product and have it shipped to larger labs to actually run testing to ensure our product is fit for injection into humans. The thing is every unit is hermetically sealed. This is important because we don’t want anything to make it into our product. If I make a mistake and nick a tube on a unit that unit is ruined and our company is out between 5 and 25 thousand dollars, deepening on which product we are making.

I just walked out of my little lab and I’m sitting in the break room kind of laughing because one of the managers (not a lead, not a supervisor, but a manager) just brought me two units that they personally created. These two units were both disconnected from the machinery incorrectly and have air contamination. I was forced to destroy around 15k worth of product because a higher up who should know better made a mistake.

I need to find a new job.

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