Author name: Ashley

Ashley is a 40 year old trans woman who is trying her best to enjoy life. Her hobbies vary but she can sometimes be found streaming videogames on


I don’t “pass”, at least I don’t believe that I do, but I’m fairly confident in how I look. Some days I’ll catch a glimpse of myself in the mirror and have to double take because the girl I saw was kind of cute. One thing that really bothers me though is my voice. To …

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I need a shrink…

Yesterday I woke up feeling kind of depressed. I mean, I’m almost always on the verge of depression but yesterday started off worse than most. They say do a small task to make your surroundings more clean and it will help improve your mood. So I gave it a shot. Two loads of laundry done. …

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One sentence a day.

Recently a friend told me that his goal with writing is to write a minimum of one sentence a day. It seems easy enough and I’ll give it a shot. So today I’ve written at least one sentence. Looks like I can kick back and relax. See you tomorrow (hopefully) for another sentence.

Site reset.

So yesterday I got an email that I was hosting malicious code and my account would be suspended if it wasn’t removed. I had backups of my blogs but I don’t think I have any backups of the main code (at least none accessible from the road) so what we have now is basically a …

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