I quit my job today. I don’t have anything else lined up, I’m scared but hopeful. Wish me luck.


Before starting my transition I would run my pictures through the faceapp gender swap filter. I know that the filter changes bone structure but it was a nice fantasy. Over the past half year or so faceapp has been giving me feminine options. I don’t see it. I don’t see what faceapp sees. I hope …

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Tetris Stream

This morning I got really messed up and streamed some Tetris 99. I had a lot of fun but I don’t think I’m cut out for solo streams. I need to find someone to join me on stream to help keep the conversations going. I really enjoy streaming but I have a lot of awkward …

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A day in the life.

My alarm was set for 5:30AM. I woke at 5:20. Got dressed, cleaned the cats poop boxes, grabbed coffee. When I got to work I had a spare few moments to drink my coffee and contemplate my day. Eight hours of repetitive motion in and out of a -40° freezer. I drove home with the …

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I don’t hate Mondays. I hate every day that I’m forced out of my comfortable little house and made to sell my body to a heartless corporation for pennies so that their shareholders can get richer. I want to go back to bed, not sitting here preparing to spend the next 8 or so hours …

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Pass the Buck

I have a task that needs to happen. This is the first domino in a long chain that will end in the company losing lots and lots of money. When working on the task I had a glitch. No one is really to blame, but there is a glitch. I’ve offered many solutions but I’m …

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Work time fun.

I do simple lab work for a company that produces precursors for the production of biomedicine. That makes it sound way cooler than it actually is. The product we produce is sold to places to make medicine. It’s not glamorous but I am a small part in saving lives. Every single unit we produce must …

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