I finally remembered the title!

Today is my 8th day writing an entry here, and I didn’t have to go back in and a title. The thing that sucks is that today is a day where I don’t really have a topic. Maybe tomorrow I’ll both have something to say and a title to go with it. So… Until tomorrow?

Good hair day?

Yesterday I had a rough evening. I was doing a lot of lifting at work. Moving basically fifty boxes from a freezer to be quality checked and then moving them back into the freezer. I was also trying to squeeze my regular lab duties in when I had a spare moment. It was about 8pm …

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One step at a time.

Today I will be initiating a state and federal background check on myself. I know what’s in my past, but apparently it’s a necessary step towards legally changing my name and gender. I know that in today’s political climate in this country being trans is not super safe but you know what else isn’t safe? …

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Story time…

So I figured on days I don’t have anything to say in these posts I’ll just have to write at least one sentence in a story. Maybe this will be fun and productive or maybe it will be a massive flop. Who knows? Nothing to do but try, right?

One sentence a day.

Recently a friend told me that his goal with writing is to write a minimum of one sentence a day. It seems easy enough and I’ll give it a shot. So today I’ve written at least one sentence. Looks like I can kick back and relax. See you tomorrow (hopefully) for another sentence.

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